Fittings: During the summer, every marcher will have a time scheduled to have a uniform that is specially fit for them. This is done yearly with the understanding that students will continue to grow and change throughout their time with the Marching Band. If you have a conflict with your appointment, you may contact one of the Uniform Volunteers to reschedule. NO EXCEPTIONS! ALL STUDENTS MUST PERFORM IN FULL UNIFORM.

Reutilized Items: Farmington High has a set of uniforms that we reuse season over season with alterations done based on the marchers in the band. For each marcher these will include bib overall pants, coats, shields (the upper body Farmington crest), gauntlets (used on the arms) and hats.

Colorguard Costumes: The color guard arranges for show specific costumes (which are also altered based on the current group of color guard participants) that complement the show that is being performed. These and props are covered by the participation fee.

Personal Items: There are items that cannot be reused after a marcher decides to leave the band and these are items that are for your student’s sole use.

For marchers these include:

For color guard these include:

Personal items are not covered by your participation fee. If you are a new marcher or new member of the color guard, you will be required to obtain these personal items. Gloves and Marching Band shoes will be made available during uniform fittings and you will receive a bill for these after the fitting.

Your student will not receive these items until payment has been received. NOTE: Plain old black shoes WILL NOT work . You will need marching band shoes purchased through the FHS Music Patrons to maintain a proper uniform look and support.

Information regarding the cost of these items and other uniform details will come from the Uniform Committee as soon as they are available. Colorguard will hand out a list of personal items and estimated costs for the season at the first practice.

If you are a returning marcher, you will not need new personal items unless you’ve lost, worn out or outgrown them. So please check that they still fit and are in good condition at the beginning of the season.

Link to Uniform Contract 

Uniform Volunteer 

Mrs. Tina Morgan 

Email: Lmorgan916@aol.com

Phone: (248) 478-8434 or (248) 476-0537