There are two different types of fundraising related to the Marching Band. There are two mandatory all band fundraisers that all marchers and color guard participants must take part in and go to the general support of the band and then individual fundraising that students can do that will go to their student account (to be used to pay for their personal fee or other music related needs).

Required Fundraisers

As noted above, there are required fundraisers to keep the cost of marching band affordable for everyone.

Every member of the Marching Band is required to sign up for one Tag Days shift in the fall (more information to come on date and signup).

Individual Fundraising and Student Accounts

Student Accounts: Each FHS Music student (whether they take part in marching band, concert/symphony band, or orchestra) has a student account where the Music Patrons hold money that they earn above and beyond required fundraises that can be utilize to pay for program fees as well as other musical needs (reeds, new bows, repairs to instruments, etc.) NOTE: Student accounts are not actual bank accounts. Money is held in the Music Patrons Bank account. Families may use the funds they earn toward music expenses, but cannot withdraw the money. See a board member for details on how to use student accounts!

Money is deposited into Student Accounts via individual fundraising efforts that happen throughout the year. Here are the four fundraisers the marching band currently support: